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listenRoxi - Good Night

listenOn My Way by Andrea Simone

listenTrack 16 by Dorian Blaze

watch DJ Play That Song - Andrea Simone

listenLet's Get This Party Started - Nate Davis - Whoosh

watchIndependent Woman - Andrea Simone

listenNo More GoodByes - 10 Black Flame Heart

listenGet On Back - Nate Davis

We At Platinum Entertainment
Dymond Recordz Welcome You

It is the mission of Platinum Entertainment, LCC/Dymond Recordz, LLC to provide the highest level of commitment and management services to established and aspiring music artists, entertainers, and atheletes. Platinum Entertainment is a full-scale promotional agency based out of Indianapolis, Indiana that begun in 2002 and revamped in 2007. Its founding fathers are business moguls Hollywood, Tyrone, and Richard Rhim. In the beginning Platinum Entertainment represented artist in the music industry but have since taken their expertise in promotions to the next level. The products and services of Platinum Entertainment go far beyond your average promotional enterprise and venture into many aspects of the entertainment industry. Currently Platinum Entertainemnt represnets many of the nations hottest up and coming artist including Ms. Brazil & Vika, who together makes up the R&B and Reggaeton group Addiction. Dorian Blaze a hip/hop and R&B artist and The Artist 8 an alternative-techno performer. The diversity and range of each genre of the Platinum Entertainments' artist have no limits. The future of Platinum Entertainment, its artists, online programs and athletes is boundless. Onwer Hollywood continues his search for the next big act and encourages aspiring acts to take advantage of openmic nights and various events throughout each state, and a Platinum Entertainement contract may await you. Contact Information: Platinum Entertainment 1201 Main Street Suite 102 Indianapolis, Indiana 46224 Management (317) 679-9676 Management & Bookings: Email: plantinumentdymond@gmail.com

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